What we do

Bringing stability to cryptocurrency through sustainable returns from cash flow assets, backed by property acquisitions. DCAP is dedicated to providing generational income with the highest level of knowledge and transparency.

* Accountability * Stability * Growth *


There are many problems that are present within the cryptocurrency financial markets. Most notably would be the lack of liquidity within the market. The lack of liquidity leads to significant volatility that brings forth large amounts of FUD (fear, uncertainty, doubt).

Although it is true that no investment is safe, we can and should strive to be better at ensuring the financial security of our future. We need to focus on building stability through these stable asset class investments that can attract traditional fiat market participants.

Our solution

The DCAP ecosystem was built to be supported by a portfolio of properties and cash flow assets. This allows investors to be introduced to cryptocurrency without the fear of significant financial loss. DCAPs stable environment acts as a portal or gateway for traditional fiat investors to bridge into cryptocurrency in a safe and stable manner.

Crypto is the biggest opportunity our generation has to shape its impact on the world. We need to be retaining lawyers and working with lawmakers and regulators to influence policy. The United States government is aggressively positioning themselves to be the leader and influencer in the cryptocurrency financial markets. This is leading to and will continue to lead massive amounts of global adoption. While the industry continues to be plagued with bad actors and scam artists, institutional and long-term investors are seeking security for their money.

The DCAP ecosystem relies upon its dual liquidity protocols (token/business revenue) backed by physical income producing assets.

  • Income: Provides the foundation for Monthly Revenues

  • Investment Growth: A hard asset that appreciates over time

  • Lower Volatility: Our portfolio is heavily weighted with land and property acquisitions. Not Impacted by as many short-term market forces as other asset classes

  • Capital Preservation: For several usages a fundamental staple with downside protection

  • Inflation hedge: Real Estate has a history of protecting against the destruction of wealth caused by inflation.

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