Smart Contracts

1SynDcap DAO LLC

View the contract code here.


Controlled by the Board of Directors, all funds received from the transactional fee are sent here and then distribution to acquisitions and operations. All funds are controlled by the Board of Directors until the DCAP DAO is launched.


Our TAP, Token Allocation Protocol, is a smart contract that distributes DCAP profits throughout the ecosystem.

  • $DCAP Transaction Fee Funds Acquisitions and Operations

  • Acquisitions Fund $DCAP Liquidity

  • Acquisitions Buybacks $DCAP Token

  • Acquisitions Fund Ecosystem Token

  • Security Token Profit-Share

  • NFT Pool Profit-Share


Oracles are designed to receive and collect off-chain data. Our Oracle is specifically designed to create a risk assessment score that will automatically allocate a certain percentage of the revenue to the liquidity pool.

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